NGC 7023: The Iris Nebula

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In mother nature (here on the Earth), the energy spent by real Irises to attract pollinators is impressive. Wonderful colors and details attract and assist nectar seeking guests. While there isn't a biological imperative for the Iris Nebula shown here- its color and detail certainly does invite anyone that searches the heavens to stop and take in this delicate vista. Pastel shades of blue and pink highlight the clouds of this celestial flower.


20in RC Optical Systems telescope operating at f/5.5
Paramount ME Robotic Telescope Mount
SBIG ST10XME CCD camera with color filter wheel

L R G B color production was used to create this image.

Luminance = 90 minutes binned 1x1
Red = 20 minutes binned 2x2
Green = 20 minutes binned 2x2
Blue = 20 minutes binned 2x2

Minimum credit line: Adam Block/NOAO/AURA/NSF

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Updated: 06/13/2004