NGC 1491

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NGC 1491 is an emission nebula found in the constellation of Perseus. This particular nebula has an 11th magnitude star in its center. The "reddish" color of this object indicates that it is heavily composed of HII. Note how the central star is "blowing" a bubble in the gas that immediately surrounds it. The winds from this star are so energetic that they are breaking up the nebula to left of it in this picture.


16in RC Optical Systems telescope operating at F/8.8
SBIG ST10XME CCD camera with color filter wheel

L R G B color production was used to create this image.

Luminance = 150 minutes binned 1x1
Red = 20 minutes binned 2x2
Green = 20 minutes binned 2x2
Blue = 20 minutes binned 2x2

Minimum credit line: Peter Jackson and Rena Smith/Adam Block/NOAO/AURA/NSF

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Updated: 10/06/2002