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Far Far Away

NGC 876 (the edge-on galaxy) and NGC 877 are not nearby. As measured by the recessional velocity due to the expansion of the Universe, these galaxies are more than 150 million light years away. Since both galaxies on the right display the same redshift, it is reasonable to think that they are interacting with one another. Certainly the long sweeping arms of NGC 877 hints at this gravitational influence. Based on their projected angular separation these two galaxies are separated by between 150,000 to 200,000 light years. This is roughly the same as the distance from the Milky Way to our companion galaxy of the Magellanic clouds. Be certain to click on the image above and scroll around the field to see other small galaxies in this direction. The galaxy cluster towards the top right is especially interesting.

Click on the above image for a larger version. Thanks to Jay GaBany for allowing me to acquire and process this data.

Exposure Duration: Luminance 3 hours
RGB 1.5:1:2 (hours).
TOTAL TIME: 7.5 hours
Credit: Adam Block
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