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NGC 7000: North American Nebula

It is appropriate that the first image to reside here is the North American Nebula. Tim Puckett, and I have undertaken a collaboration here that literally spans the North American continent!

This data was taken with an Apogee U9 CCD camera through Tim's Takahashi 180mm telescope.

With only an hour's worth of data in each color and partly cloudy conditions, this chip shows its expansive prowess in less than ideal conditions. Visit here for more images soon!

On an astronomical note, if you look just to the right of the bright yellow star at the tip of "Florida" there is a slightly red star that is just past some dimmer stars (down and right of them). This star was recently identified by astronomers as being responsible for making the entire region of the NA nebula glow. The responsible star is hidden by opaque clouds of dust that attenuate its light strongly. Without these clouds of dust, this star could probably be seen by the un-aided eye!

Minimum Credit Line: Adam Block/ Tim Puckett.

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