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The IC348/NGC1333 Region

Hidden and mysterious. Great swaths of dust disguise this direction in our galaxy. This great molecular cloud harbours the formation of new solar systems. However, facination with the field lies not with what is seen, but instead by the intimated hints of activity. Subtle glows of pink and blue do little to cast warmth on a field that shows the structure of the cold interstellar medium. To the left the cluster and surrounding bluish reflection nebula of IC348 punctuate the darkness. To the right the strange and ornate concentration of NGC 1333 looks as a miniature peacock amid dark and foreboding clouds.

Date: Acquired January 2007 through February 2007
Telescopes: Televue 127is
Camera: Apogee U9000
Total Integration Time: 18.5 hours
This a two-frame mosaic, Ha Blended image.

Minimum Credit Line: Adam Block and Tim Puckett.

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