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Not A Sandwich

Whether illusion or not, moments flow from the now to the next. Each moment that passes is a journey that we take through space and time. Even to just sit quiet and still is to be dynamic and invested in the universe's unyeilding evolution. How we spend moment to moment is molded by our actions. Philosophically this journey was defined by Jung and popularized by Campbell as an archetype of innate life experience.

Often referred to as the "Hero's Journey" with its ubiquitous examples in literature, it is the journey that the protagonist imager agrees to take with each image that is created. Consider the elements of this journey:

  • The Call to Adventure: The hero's (imager's) target or goal gleaned through inspiration.
  • Supernatural Aid: The helper figure that prepares the imager in some way for the trials to come. (see below in the thanks)
  • The Threshold: The point in the story where the hero stands poised to enter mysterious realms. For the imager, the preceding day of the night to come.
  • The Trials: Data acquisition and processing. (often referred to as the long dark night...)
  • The Return: Having completed the trials the hero brings back a boon to society.
And so with each passing hour that Horus battles on his hero journey to ensure a new day- I imagine creating anew this cyclic and personal tribulation. Not everyone heeds the initial call. But for me the reward is too great to pass up. The end result is personal growth with the pleasure of being able to share the fruits of this labor.

Click on the above image for a larger version. See Also M96 in the Best of AOP gallery. Thanks to Jay GaBany (the supernatural aid) for allowing me to acquire and process this data. This data is included on my latest DVD "The Complete Tutorial of CCDStack."

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