GK Persei: Nova of 1901



(Click the image above for the largest available version.)
Please see this animation showing the expansion of the Gk Persei nebula!
Also see this picture showing the extended Hydrogen-alpha emission in a large envelope. The star's motion through space compresses the leading (bottom) edge of this halo. Bipolar jets are also visible bisecting the envelope.

Picture Details:

  • Optics             32-inch Schulman Telescope (RC Optical Systems)
  • Camera           SBIG STX CCD Camera
  • Filters              AstroDon Gen II
  • Dates               August and September 2011
  • Location          Mount Lemmon SkyCenter
  • Exposure          L(Ha)RGB = 2400:150:150:150 minutes
  • Acquisition       ACP Observatory Control Software (DC-3 Dreams),TheSky (Software Bisque), Maxim DL/CCD (Cyanogen)
  • Processing        CCDStack (CCDWare), Photoshop CS5 (Adobe)
  • Credit Line and Copyright        Adam Block/Mount Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona

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